Not There?

This very short video says it perfectly. We are all stumbling through life like a blindfolded man in a very dark room, looking for a black cat which isn’t there. The only difference is that most people think they have caught it. A few of us have realized the black which isn’t there really isn’t. It’s a fairy tale that grownups should stop believing.

Two Presidents Compared

Slight Language Warning ***

I’ll be 79 in a couple of months, and my legs and hands don’t even work. How any 92-yo man can work like this “loser” does is beyond me! Regardless what anybody thought about him as President, Jimmie Carter may well be the greatest Former President we’ve ever had.

Excellent Optical Illusion

Here’s another excellent optical illusion. It’s a variation on one we’ve already seen here. Despite what your eyes tell you.the circles are all the same color, and it’s pretty easy to prove it. I leave that as an exercise for the reader.

You can easily see there are two colors of lines: purple and green. Only half of them pass through each circle, and that’s what makes the difference. The purple lines pass through five of them, making them look pink by contrast. The green lines pass through the other six and make them appear lemon yellow.

This tells us you have analog eyes that see colors relative to each other by contrasting and comparing. Digital electronic “eyes” like a computer uses see color as it really is, regardless of other colors in the vicinity.

Disappearing Trick

This is the first bird I’ve seen reacting to a magic trick. I saw an orangutan on Youtube not long ago that seemed to be baffled by a card trick. It puzzles me no end that so many “experts” believed for so long that these intelligent animals were little more than flesh and bone robots, with neither feelings nor thoughts. How ignorant those “experts” were! In case anybody doesn’t get it, it takes intelligence to be fooled by a magic trick.

I think this is a yellow-crested cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea), but there are several very similar species and I’m no ornithologist. All of them are magnificent birds. The yellow-crested cockatoo is critically endangered, with the world population estimated to be less than 7,000, because of poaching for the pet trade. However, there has been a feral population in Hong since the early 1940s, consisting now of maybe 200 birds, that appears to be prospering.

There are a variety of interesting videos on Youtube. In the one below, one bird gets turned on by a pretty good Elvis impersonator. The other, not so much.




God Bless America

Sorry I didn’t get this video up yesterday. We know God is a myth, of course. It could just as well say “Zeus bless America.” But the song is nevertheless a beautiful tribute to the greatest country the world has ever seen: One nation, indivisible, under the Constitution of the United States of America, with liberty and justice for all.

It’s our Constitution, unique when it was written, but as amended several times, that makes the United States an example of liberty and justice to the world.

Flipping Magnets

Every magnet has two poles designated north and south. Like poles of two or more magnets repel each other, but unlike poles attract each other.

When very small, disk-shaped magnets are placed onto a smooth, lubricated table top, each with the same pole pointed upward, they arrange themselves into a grid like the one first shown above. That equalizes the magnetic forces acting on each magnet from all the other magnets to the extent possible. But if the grid is squeezed, or compressed, from the sides, the grid begins to deform. Then. suddenly. one of the tiny magnets leaps into the air followed immediately by others.

As they tumble in the air above the tabletop, being pushed and pulled by each other and all the ones still on the table, when a north pole and a south pole come together, they stick, forming long rods until no more are left flat on the table.

Isn’t sciencey stuff fascinating?