Really smart bird? Maybe.

The crow appears to solve a complex puzzle to get food. It’s no surprise that crows are smart, of course. We’ve seen a lot of illustrations of that lately. But this is a more complex stunt than I’ve seen before. If it’s real, this is one brainy bird.

Still, there are several things to be skeptical about. In the first place, we are not told who Dr. Alex Taylor is or where he works. All we know is that he is young and he studies birds. When I google “Dr. Alex Taylor”, I get a list of medical doctors. Nobody I can easily identify as this particular researcher. With no more information than this, the guy could easily be a fraud. (Note that I am not calling him a fraud. I’m only saying we have no way to tell.)

Second, who is that other guy he left in the cage with 007? He might be signalling to the crow some way. It happened with Ed the horse. Again, I doubt this. I’m just saying that, if this was a genuine experiment, it was a sloppy one. Definitely not very scientific. And we weren’t given enough info to assess it.

It’s interesting. Amazing, even. But it deserves a lot of skepticism.


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