What? Slavery, too?

[youtube_video TzV1r5SCc8U]

No, I’m NOT gay. Neither, as you may have guessed, am I a Christian. But you have to give credit where it’s due, and this politician has earned it.

My barber for 15 years or so in San Antonio was a gay man — an intelligent, well informed gay man — and we discussed a variety of subjects while he cut my hair. On one of the very rare occasions when our discussion turned to the topic of sexuality, he told me he had never in his life been sexually attracted to any woman. I believe him.

I have never been sexually attracted to any man. I think it would be absolutely impossible for me to be attracted to any man in the same way that I find myself attracted to many women. Therefore, I have to assume the same thing is true in reverse for him, as well as for many homosexuals and lesbians.

I see no reason why the government should recognize marriage between a man and a woman but refuse to recognize in the same way a similar relationship between two men or two women.

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