A Little Worm

a little worm
a little worm

So do I, Sir David. I cannot believe in that kind of god.

Another person I have to wonder about is the sweet little nine-year-old Heidi, in San Antonio, Texas, who was kidnapped in August, 1990, by someone she apparently trusted. He raped her repeatedly, eventually throttled her to death with her own underwear, and left her body in a field to rot. (I didn’t personally know Heidi, but my then-wife was her music teacher.)

Presumably your god also created the monster that did this.

And don’t talk to me about the monster’s “god-given” free will, unless you’re also ready to explain why he let the monster take away the little girl’s own “god-given” free will.

Heidi came from a devout Christian home. Where was the god they loved and prayed to?

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