More on Terrorism in Saudi Arabia

On the 10th of this month, I told you that I would be considered a terrorist under new Saudi Arabian law, and could be sentenced to prison for up to 20 years. Why? What did I do? Nothing. It’s what I believe that makes me a criminal. It’s because I doubt there is or ever has been a god. Here’s a little more info on that.

Atheist Republic reports that “Saudi Arabia is a signatory of the Arab Charter on Human Rights, Article 32 of which guarantees freedom of speech and opinion, and Article 28, the rights to peaceful assembly and association.” Nevertheless King Abdullah has violated this agreement by passing these egregious laws against thinking people.

I personally have no intention of ever visiting Saudi Arabia, so I should be (I hope!) safe from the evil clutches of this malevolent dictator. But there must be thousands of good men and women in that country who have suddenly found themselves subject to prison just for disagreeing with something the king believes.

This is the same king who has always dehumanized women. I understand it is the only Muslim Country that forbids women to drive.

I have a female friend who once entered that country a few hours ahead of her husband and was immediately jailed for prostitution. The “evidence” for this ridiculous claim was that she was a woman traveling alone. How stupid can they get?

Former President Bush probably should have included Saudi Arabia in his Axis of Evil, along with Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. It is little (if any) better than any of them, and definitely should not be considered an ally of the United States.


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