Smart Badger

Don’t try to tell me some animals aren’t intelligent. I have believed they are as long as I can remember, from reading about their antics when I was a kid and since. They don’t have human intelligence, but a lot of them are pretty smart anyway. Any scientist who doesn’t believe this simply isn’t paying attention, or else he or she is too emotionally invested in their human-centric view to admit it.

I’m convinced that one of my dogs was quite intelligent, and so are many other dogs. I always assumed our nearest relatives, the great apes, were even more intelligent. And indeed they probably are. But now we know that dolphins are about equal to the apes, and certain birds aren’t far behind. Octopuses (octopi, octopodes, whatever) also appear to have quite a bit of it, whatever it is that makes them smart.

There’s probably a lot more intelligence in the animal world than we realize even yet.

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