400 ppm Carbon Dioxide

400ppm Carbon Dioxide
400ppm Carbon Dioxide

I copied this tweet from Former Vice President Al Gore a few minutes ago. I don’t have the resources to quickly verify it; but I know it is approximately true. And generally, I accept the VP’s facts as true (always pending verification, of course), whether or not I always agree with his opinions and interpretations.

We know the carbon dioxide concentration in the air has been increasing for around 200 years, and even longer to some extent. If there are actually 400 parts per million (ppm) of it in the air now, this is a huge 60% increase from the 250 ppm or so 200 years ago.

But won’t green plants take it back out? After all, that’s what they do. Green plants take carbon diode out of the air and convert it to sugars to energize the plants.

Unfortunately, we are putting carbon dioxide into the air faster than plants can take it out. Until we make some serious changes in the way we live, we’ll just keep on adding carbon dioxide to the air faster than it can be removed. This means the concentration will go up and up and up.

Since carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas (We need to discuss what that means soon.), it will tend to increase global temperatures and create changes in our climates. That is happening now.

Eventually, it will change the chemistry of the oceans in extremely detrimental ways.We don’t know how soon that will be. It is probably already happening.

Eventually, though it will not be really soon, the carbon dioxide we keep on putting into the atmosphere will choke our civilization and destroy it. We don’t want that, so we need to find ways now, as a society, to stop putting so much carbon dioxide into the air.

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