Inerrant Except for . . .

An American family Bible dating to 1859.
American family Bible dating to 1859.

I had a very interesting visitor this morning. A physical therapist. (I’ve seen more than my share of medical-type people for the past couple of years.) She saw my Kindle and asked me what I read.

“Mostly science,”I said.

“What kind of science?”

“My two main interests are cosmology and biological evolution.”

It turned out she was a new earth creationist.

We discussed our differences briefly (and in a very friendly way) as we finished up my therapy for the day. Then it was time for her to go, but I imagine these subjects will come up again in future sessions.

Her insistence that the Bible, as originally written, was the infallible word of God, reminded me of yesterday’s post. It also reminded me of my father, who died many years ago. Dad used to go even further than my therapist. He said the King James Version was the perfect and infallible word of God in English.

“Well, except maybe for one thing,” he added. Dad thought the commandment that says “Thou shalt not kill” should have been translated “Thou shalt do no murder.” He believed this because he believed certain kinds of killing (self-defense, for instance) are not wrong and not murder. “But that’s the only mistake,” he would add. “The rest of the King James Version is God’s Word, and it was translated into English without any other mistakes.”

I agree completely that killing is sometimes justified. I also remember my father with love and respect. Still, I smile at the way Biblical literalists and inerrantists have to rationalize to justify their beliefs.

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