More Evil from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian extreme punishment
Saudi Arabian extreme punishment

I have accused the government of Saudi Arabia (meaning especially King Abdullah and the royal family, since the king is an absolute dictator) of cruelty and corruption before. I have added that Former President Bush should have included them in his “Axis of Evil “along with Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, and that they certainly should not be considered allies of the United States.

I found this news clipping on Professor Jerry Coyne’s blog, Why Evolution Is True, the day before yesterday. One of his readers had scanned it from this week’s The Economist. I’m sorry I don’t have more specifics.

The concept of hell as taught in the Bible (at least in English versions) is so horrifying and evil in so many ways it’s hard to pick out just one particular aspect as the worst, but that it just keeps on going and going and going and never stops must certainly be the worst aspect of all.

There is some of that quality in this punishment, though I admit it is feeble by comparison with true eternity. A thousand lashes would only SEEM like eternity, and only if the recipient survived long enough to feel a significant number of them.

At a time when reasonably civilized (if only by comparison) countries grant their citizens freedom of speech and religion, Saudi Arabia is locking this man up for ten years for expressing his religious opinions in an internet forum. But only if he survives a truly horrible beating that will keep on “going and going and going.” Is it even possible to survive that kind of beating? I don’t know. I need to learn how the beatings are administered.

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