North Korean Drones

North Korean Drone

Pictured is one of three North Korean drones found crashed in South Korea in about the last six months. I’m very ignorant about this kind of thing, but it looks to me like a radio controlled toy.

It’s made of polycarbonate plastic, and is about a meter (3’3″) long and two meters (6’6″) wide. It seems to have a gasoline engine to power the single propeller, but the article mentions batteries; so I assume they are for the camera and guidance. It can’t even send the pictures it takes back home. North Korea has to wait for a successful one to return before they can retrieve the pictures. Of course, we apparently have no idea how many successful flights there may have already been, since South Korean radar cannot effectively detect them crossing the border.

The scariest prospect is that even something this primitive might carry a few pounds of explosive to attack a specific target, or an equal amount of anthrax spores or other biological or chemical agent to attack either a civilian population or a military target.


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