The Inerrant Bible?

I knew a preacher many years ago who happened to be the father of the most beautiful 19-year-old girl in the world at that time. At least, I thought she was. I was 21, and I wanted to marry her. But the thing I want to remember now is that he couldn’t understand why anybody would doubt or question the Bible. He said (and I’m quoting from memory), “Why would anybody question the Word of God? If God said something, then it must be true.”

Even then, when I believed our favorite national superstition (Christianity), I understood the problem with that argument. Yes, if God said something, it would presumably be true. But first, we have to be sure God actually said it. Not everybody believes the Bible is actually the Word of God. Or that God even exists, for that matter. (I did, but I hope it is obvious that I don’t any more.)

Listen to James “The Amazing” Randi discuss just one of the very many reasons why one might doubt the accuracy of the Bible.

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