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Gunman Stopped by Hero Student with Pepper Spray

Jon Meis, hero of the shooting yesterday at Seattle Pacific University
Jon Meis, hero of the shooting yesterday at Seattle Pacific University

It happened yesterday, June 5, 2014, about 3:30 pm Pacific time, at Seattle Pacific University. According to an article by the Fox News Staff,

“A hero stepped forward and saved lives during the Seattle Pacific University shooting Thursday afternoon.

“The hero who stepped forward and tackled the 26-year-old shooting suspect Aaron Ybarra is being identified as Jon Meis, a student and building monitor at SPU.”

Read more: http://q13fox.com/2014/06/06/the-hero-who-stopped-the-shooter-jon-meis/#ixzz33tDIkemA

The article continues,

“According to Seattle police, Ybarra walked into Otto Miller Hall with a shotgun and a handgun, confronted at least three people and opened fire around 3:30 p.m. Thursday. When Ybarra stopped to reload his weapons, 22-year-old Meis, who was sitting at a desk in the lobby, sprayed the suspect with pepper spray he often carries. When the suspect was incapacitated, Meis rushed Ybarra and put him in a chokehold to subdue him.”

After he tackled the gunman, other students and faculty members helped him subdue and hold him until police arrived.

One student died in the shooting and two others were injured. Police believe the killer intended to kill many more, and that Meis s

Meis’ quick thinking and action limited the shooting to the lobby, possibly saving many of the students and faculty in the rest of the building.

Far too often heroes die while performing their heroism. Fortunately, Meis survived without physical injury. This is great! We need our heroes alive.