Is Evolution in Trouble?

Is evolution in Trouble? Obviously not!

Despite what you may hear, there is NO CONTROVERSY among scientists about whether you descended from an extinct ape-like creature.
You did.
So did I.
Most American’s say, “Teach the controversy!” But there is no scientific controversy to teach. If they knew a little bit more about how science works, they might understand that.
Maybe science teachers should spend a few minutes explaining to their students that it doesn’t matter what people think. What matters is what the evidence shows, and all the evidence in every museum and laboratory on earth shows the same truth. Evolution is real.
The only controversy is about the details. And there are trillions of details, so there’ll always be plenty of discussion and disagreement. But the evidence is overwhelming that all life on earth, including humans, evolved from a single-celled microbe that lived almost four billion years ago.
This video has just a little bit of that evidence.

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