President Obama’s Speech and the Islamic State

At times I have been very disappointed with our “President of change.” This time, I agree with what he says. My only disappointment here is that we’ve waited so long already to bomb these barbarians to hell! (Literally or figuratively. Whatever.)

We’ve stood by and watched while they cut the heads off two American journalists and slaughtered hundreds of innocent civilians who just happened to be in the wrong place. It’s time to put and end to it.

Below are some very revealing news videos created inside the Islamic State itself. Look how these very well trained (though not so well disciplined) terrorists with modern weapons challenge the rest of the world openly. Arrogantly. Even proudly! They dare us: “WE WILL DIVIDE THE UNITED STATES IN TWO.”

(Click inside this video for parts 2-5. When I posted these, the Arabic parts had good English captions. Now they have been largely covered over with French. They’re still worth seeing, though.)

We should have blasted these barbarians out of existence when they crossed the border into Iraq. If not sooner. They were originally part of al-Queda, after all.

I do not believe the Islamic State leaders represent the average, ordinary Muslim. Rather, I suspect that most Muslims in most countries (especially those in the US) are Muslim in name only, just as most Christians are Christian in name only. (In most of the Muslim countries, of course, they have to practice the official religion to whatever extent is required in their particular country, regardless of their own real beliefs or desires.

This particular group of Islamist extremists, being originally part of Al Queda, should have been dealt with long before they ever left Syria. Now we should evacuate refugees when appropriate and drop humanitarian supplies to others while we protect them from the air as needed.

Note: I am definitely NOT suggesting we send American soldiers back into the Middle East to fight on the ground. We did that! Now we need to blast these barbarians — the new “caliphate” — out of existence from the air, using missiles and drones whenever possible. (I don’t understand why we are using manned bombers. Neither have I ever understood the rage some Americans have at the use of drones. If we have to fight, I am in favor of fighting to win quickly with as little loss to Americans and other innocents as possible.)

​This “caliphate” is​ calling for all Muslims everywhere to pledge allegiance to its leader, the new “Caliph,” who is said to be a direct descendent of Mohammad’s family, thus trying to lend some credence to his rule. If all Muslims declared their allegiance to him, of course, that would mean all Muslim states would instantly come under his rule and become part of the IS. That is a truly terrifying thought!

Of course, I know this is not going to happen. But I don’t think he is going to stop where he is. He clearly intends to take the rest of Iraq and Syria and then as much of the Middle East as he can. And he is already teaching young boys to say they want to “divide the United States in two.” He is NOT going to stop until somebody stops him, and the IS will be a worse hotbed of terrorism than Afghanistan and Pakistan have ever been.

​The time to stop these uncivilized barbarians was several years ago, but we didn’t do it then. Now​ it MUST be done.

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