You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

Let me be sure I’ve got this right. You want me to believe in an invisible guy in the sky who nobody ever saw?

A guy who’s home in the sky, where nobody but his “only begotten son” has ever even been, is outside of space and time, whatever that means? A guy who is also, some way, here with us? Close enough to see what we do, hear the voices and read the thoughts of those who pray, and “speak to the hearts” of those who believe in him?

Who placed a germ into the womb of a young human virgin female a couple of thousand years ago that would grow and become his own son? Half God and half man? Or all God and all man, some say. (That sounds like one plus one equals one.)

A guy with such awesome magical powers that he created the whole universe by just speaking a few words, either literally or figuratively, but spent six days forming earth and creating life on it. A guy who, despite being responsible for hundreds of billions of galaxies, each containing hundreds of billions of stars and worlds, is so interested in me personally that he counts the silver hairs rapidly falling from my head and cares about my sex life (as if), my private thoughts, and maybe what I had for lunch?

Who created the first man out of dirt and then made a woman for his pleasure from one of his ribs, almost as an afterthought? (I wonder why she didn’t have his same genes and chromosomes?)

Who gave us a book of instructions so confusing that no two people can agree about what it means? Yet who expects us to live by every word of it — “every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God?”

Who commands runaway slaves to return to their cruel masters, and wives to submit themselves to their abusive husbands, and forbids women to speak in church? Who commands children to honor and obey their parents and commands the death penalty if they curse their parents, but never commands parents to deserve such honor and obedience. Who forbids murder, but commits genocide? Who forbids adultery and fornication, yet commands soldiers to slaughter the non-virgin women in a city but keep the virgins for themselves?

And who, despite being full of mercy, could not forgive your sins or mine without sending his own son to be tortured and murdered in our stead? And who will burn me forever with fire and brimstone, in a place of darkness made for the devil and his angels, where the smoke of my torment will ascend up forever and ever and the fire will not be quenched and I will be refused even a single drop of water to cool my parched tongue just because I doubt his reality?

And I should believe  in this sadistic monster and worship him and think he is great and wonderful?

You’ve got to be kidding!

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