One KosherSwitch® at a time

“You can take part in making it a reality… Together, we can improve the world, one KosherSwitch® at a time!”

Yeah, I realize it was April Fool’s Day only a couple of weeks ago, so who knows whether this is real or not. But it appears to be. They already claim to have collected $37,252 in donations at their website at to make it possible, and are climbing rapidly toward their $50,000 goal. By the time you read this, either they will have reached their goal and begun manufacturing switches, or they will have exposed the whole thing as an April Fool’s joke.

To me, the interesting thing is that it’s impossible to tell the difference  between an April Fool’s joke and a religion. And people donate their hard earned money, anyway.

Of course I realize your religion isn’t funny. It’s just theirs. Right?

Right! Of course. wink

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