Jerry Coyne’s “Faith Vs. Fact” Out Today

Faith vs Fact by Jerry CoyneGod is an hypothesis, and, as such, stands in need of proof: the onus probandi [burden of proof] rests on the theist. —Percy Bysshe Shelley

Coyne, Jerry A. (2015-05-19). Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible . Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


I can’t personally speak about Jerry Coyne’s new book because I haven’t read it yet. After all, it just came out today. But I will. I already have it on my Kindle.

You’ll find it for sale through Amazon on page 4 of our bookstore. (See the menu at the top of any page.)

Coyne is a biologist and a Professor in the Biology Department of the University of Chicago. He co-wrote a widely used textbook on biology and a trade book Why Evolution Is True (also available in our bookstore).

I have read Why Evolution Is True, and I read his website of the same name almost daily. I look forward to the same vast knowledge and clarity of thought I am used to.

Below are a few comments about the man and his books by people whose names you may recognize.

Biologist Jerry Coyne
Jerry Coyne’s New Book in Bookstores Today

“Many people are confused about science—about what it is, how it is practiced, and why it is the most powerful method for understanding ourselves and the universe that our species has ever devised. In Faith vs. Fact, Coyne has written a wonderful primer on what it means to think scientifically, showing that the honest doubts of science are better—and more noble—than the false certainties of religion. This is a profound and lovely book. It should be required reading at every college on earth.”
—Sam Harris, author of  The End of Faith, The Moral Landscape, and Waking Up

“The distinguished geneticist Jerry Coyne trains his formidable intellectual firepower on religious faith, and it’s hard to see how any reasonable person can resist the conclusions of his superbly argued book. Though religion will live on in the minds of the unlettered, in educated circles faith is entering its death throes. Symptomatic of its terminal desperation are the ‘apophatic’ pretensions of ‘sophisticated theologians,’ for whose empty obscurantism Coyne reserves his most devastating sallies. Read this book and recommend it to two friends.”
—Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion

“The truth is not always halfway between two extremes: some propositions are flat wrong. In this timely and important book, Jerry Coyne expertly exposes the incoherence of the increasingly popular belief that you can have it both ways: that God (or something God-ish, God-like, or God-oid) sort-of exists;  that miracles kind-of happen; and that the truthiness of dogma is somewhat-a-little-bit-more-or-less-who’s-to-say-it-isn’t like the truths of science and reason.”
—Steven Pinker, Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology, Harvard University; author of The Better Angels of Our Nature

About Why Evolution Is True

“In this 200th anniversary year of Darwin’s birth, Why Evolution is True ranks among the best new titles flooding bookstores.”
Christian Science Monitor

Why Evolution is True is the book I was hoping would be written someday: an engaging and accessible account of one of the most important ideas ever conceived by mankind. The book is a stunning achievement, written by one of the world’s leading evolutionary biologists. Coyne has produced a classic—whether you are an expert or novice in science, a friend or foe of evolutionary biology, reading Why Evolution is True is bound to be an enlightening experience.”
—Neil Shubin, author of Your Inner Fish

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