Pregnant Women Should be Forced to Carry Deformed Fetuses

The state must force pregnant women to try to carry deformed, deceased, or non-viable fetus as long as they can.

Texas State Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler) wants the state to force you to carry your sick, suffering, deformed, or non-viable fetuses to term, regardless of your own choice.
Texas State Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler) wants the state to force you to carry your sick, suffering, deformed, or non-viable fetuses to term, regardless of your own choice.

Last week, a grown man stood on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives and argued that the state must force pregnant Texans to try to carry dying, deceased, or non-viable fetuses as long as they can. Anything less, said state Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler), wouldn’t be “pro-life.”

These fetuses “are going to suffer, they’re going to feel pain,” just as adults with terminal illnesses do, said Schaefer, a freshman Tea Party politician from East Texas. “That’s part of the human condition, when sin entered the world, and it grieves us all.”

by Andrea Grimes, Senior Political Reporter,
RH Reality Check, April 28, 2015

“When sin entered the world.” There’s the clue.  Sin supposedly entered the world when Adam ate that silly fruit so long ago, so now somebody’s gotta suffer. And if you happen to be pregnant, it’s gonna be you. And if you just happen to be carrying a defective fetus,  it’s gonna suffer, too. Shaefer said so.

Well, it was last month now. I didn’t see it until this morning, or I would have posted this sooner.

You think religion is good for people? Everybody ought to have faith in something? It gives you a warm feeling to see a church on every corner? You’re glad we have such a “man of God” in the legislature?

Well I disagree.

This is just one more example (as if another example were needed) of the evil brought about by an ancient set of superstitions. This man doesn’t care that you suffer. He doesn’t care that your innocent but defective or dying fetus suffers. He wants your fetus to experience life to its fullest, even if that life is only a couple of months of suffering in its mother’s womb, and even if it will never ever think a thought or smile a smile or enjoy anything at all or probably even see the light of day. That blind, mindless suffering may be the only life it will ever experience!

He wants to force you to carry your deformed, suffering fetus as long as possible.

He wants you, a pregnant woman, to carry your dying fetus (if such it be) as long as possible. If you refuse, he wants the state to force you. Why?  Because “That’s part of the human condition, when sin entered the world, and it grieves us all.” It doesn’t matter that “your fetuses are going to suffer, they’re going to feel pain, just as adults with terminal illnesses do.” No, let your fetus enjoy hurting as long as it can.

This arrogant man might obtain a small amount of credibility if he were to give birth to a nice pair of twins. But, even then, just a little credibility. Not enough.

East Texas tend to do a lot of hunting. If Rep. Shaefer were on a hunting trip way out in the back country somewhere and he had an attack of acute appendicitis, I wonder if he would consent to emergency surgery with a hunting knife and no and anaesthetic. After all, isn’t pain just “part of the human condition?” Maybe the state should force him.

This is Rep. Shaefers religion. No doubt he thinks it comes from the Bible, even though the Bible actually says almost nothing about abortion. Certainly, not all Christians agree with him; but there are important lessons for us here.

It’s important for us all understand and remember that neither Texas nor the United States has ever been a nation under God. NEVER! For about 228 years we have been one nation under the Constitution of the United States of America. We are subject to the Constitution because our elected representatives agreed to it. We are not, never have been, and must never be ruled by somebody’s interpretation of an old book written by at least 40 different people in two or three ancient languages and translated and retranslated and edited and censored, over and over again, until finally King James of England decided to create an English version of it.

Many of our ancestors came here from Europe to escape from religious laws. Remember the Mayflower? These were mostly religious people, but they came to what is now the United States to get away from the horrible religious legal system in Europe. Because of their experiences, they created a Constitution for us that doesn’t even mention God or religion except to forbid the government from creating an established religion.

Disclaimer: Shaefer himself said dying fetuses will suffer. This is only true if they’re allowed to live too long in the womb. For the first four or five months–maybe even longer–it’s almost certain a fetus cannot feel any pain. Its brain and nervous system simply aren’t developed enough. Abortions, when possible, should always be long before that; but sometimes the condition of the fetus is not known that soon. To carry a defective or non-viable fetus to term–or not–must always be the pregnant woman’s decision.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! The United States of America is NOT and never has been a Christian nation. It was NOT founded on Christian principles. It WAS founded on humanitarian principles of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” How can a sick, deformed, dying fetus pursue happiness? Men and women like Rep. Shaefer, who want to rule over you and me according to their own silly superstitions, must be voted out of office. They MUST be replaced with representatives who will uphold the Constitutions of their State and the United States of America, as they have sworn to do.


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  1. I absolutely agree with your assessment and haven’t you noticed how it always seems to be men that control the destiny of women?

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