Christians Feud in Arizona

Christians feud: First Baptist Church of Fountain Hills (Southern Baptist)

Half of Town’s Protestant Preachers Preach Against Another Church to Show Unity

What?!? Yeah, that’s what they say.

Christians feud again. Now they’re using a “coordinated sermon series” against “progressive Christianity” to “demonstrate the unity of the body of Christ.” In other words, these eight pastors were preaching against “liberals” in the ministry. That’s what the preachers I know call them anyway.

Yes, I’m well aware some Baptists say they are not protestants, basing their claim largely on a poorly written little booklet named Trail of Blood. The booklet is worthless for several reasons, including the fact that it would be impossible for ordinary people to check its documentation. They just have to accept it “on faith.” The same way they accept the Bible.

Christians feud, gang up against the Methodists

It was the Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and non-denominational congregations in Fountain Hills, Arizona–eight congregations in all–that teamed up against their Methodist neighbors with coordinated sermons and banners.

The sermon series—“Progressive Christianity: Fact or Fiction?”—was launched with an op-ed and half-page advertisement in the local newspaper, and promoted with banners at the eight churches involved.

Christianity Today

Now that’s different. The Baptist preachers I used to know wouldn’t let anybody tell them what to preach, much less a bunch of non-Baptists. They preached on whatever the Lord led them to, and they might not know what it was going to be sometimes until they stood behind the pulpit. And they surely wouldn’t team up with the non-denominationals about anything!

According to their own church website, the First Baptist Church (see picture above) has four sermons available for download on the subject of Progressive Christianity: Fact or Fiction at the link below. They were preached on separate Sundays beginning May 18. I didn’t listen to them. I’ve heard enough Baptist sermons.

Pastor David Felten at the United Methodist Church supports LGBT rights and a “progressive theology.” Among other thing, he rejects doctrines like the virgin birth. And what’s maybe even worse, he is known to have visited a Mosque recently. Yup, that’s liberal for sure.

He is accused of “rejecting traditional Christian belief” and being intolerant.


It was Christians feuding and backed up by law that drove many of the early Americans here from Europe. Remember the Mayflower? They just can’t seem to stop fighting. At least they don’t control the laws directly here. Let’s keep it that way. Use your vote wisely when the time comes.



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