Megan Fox Debunks the Field Museum

No, not that Megan Fox. This Megan Fox.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox

That Megan Fox is a movie star; this Megan Fox is an ignorant, arrogant woman (who will call me sexist for mentioning her gender, if she ever sees this) who made the video below and posted it on Youtube about six months ago. Since then, 1,192,549 people have watched it. Undoubtedly more by the time you read this. It’s an unbelievably ignorant rant against the Field Museum in Chicago. See for yourself.

“How do they know that? How do they know? How do they know?” I was going to tell you how incredibly arrogant this stupid woman is, but I won’t. I was also going to suggest if she doesn’t understand what she reads in a museum, maybe she could consider taking a few classes. But I won’t.

It’s difficult to watch this amateur video all the way to the end, not only because it’s a waste of time, but also because it moves so quickly from place to place. It almost makes me dizzy sometimes. Sorry. I promise not to make a habit of embedding three videos in a single post.

But maybe I really should. Suggest classes, I mean. Megan says she “want(s) to know.” Megan, if you really do want to know, as you say you do, the information is readily available. There are a lot of good books, magazine articles, and even classes that will help you answer your questions. Even some of my posts here will give you bits and pieces of the information you say you want. Check them out, if you’re truly interested. But be careful about the “creationist magazines.” They’re written by people with a religious agenda, not real working scientists who publish their work in scientific journals for other scientists to read and test.

Hement Mehta, also known as the Friendly Atheist, did a video in response to her actions. I’ll let him talk. (Warning: There is some “adult” language in this video. I posted it anyway, because it’s important.)

After posting this video, Hement did something else that shows he really deserves his pseudonym. He reached out to her. The next video here is an interview of Megan Fox by Hement Mehta, the Friendly Atheist.

Hement, I read your blog from time to time, but I never realized what a class act you really are. I’ll be reading it a lot more often from now on.

I’m tired after doing yesterday’s post, so I’m going to let Hement handle this one. Well, at least partly. Here’s their interview.

In the United States we have freedom of speech. With only very few exceptions, anybody can say whatever he or she wants to. Even an ignorant, arrogant, and obnoxious woman has the right to express herself on video and place it on Youtube.

Nobody should be treated the way people have treated her since. It’s not necessary; more to the point, it’s not right. Nobody should be threatened for saying what she thinks just because it’s ignorant, arrogant, and wrong. As it was!

Well, she’s decided to visit Ken Ham’s Creation Museum next, “the state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot museum (that) brings the pages of the Bible to life.” Yeah, the same phony museum that reportedly shows people riding dinosaurs. This should be good. (I’d like to see it, too. Just out of curiosity. But that’s not likely.) Do they really have a dragon skeleton?

Her first reaction, “I like this movie!” So did she buy it? Well, no, not really. She just kinda thought she bought it, because she didn’t understand this one either.

Why can’t people be as skeptical of pseudoscience in a phony museum as they are of real science in a real museum? “470 million years ago, … These are just guesses off of the top of their heads.” “Who’s to say who’s right?”

Here’s a thought. Maybe real scientists who spent eight years in college learning their field and now study these fossils every day for a living? Just maybe, it might be worth listening to what they have to say and see whether they really just got it “off of the top of their heads” or not.

Nope, I’m not a sexist. I’m an equal opportunity critic of arrogant ignorance. See my post from yesterday and several previous posts. However, I felt sorry for Kenneth. I had no such reaction to this woman.



One thought on “Megan Fox Debunks the Field Museum

  1. The stupid! It burns my eyes! I hope they don’t let her use anything sharp where she lives.

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