2 thoughts on “Big Bang Mystery

  1. Nah, Paul. It doesn’t tick ’em off. They just reinterpret each discovery in some way to match their own beliefs, or else deny it altogether. Then they feel sorry for all those scientists who can’t see that literally every real thing they discover proves the existence of God. I used to be one of them. Remember?

    I remember a discussion maybe 45 years ago, during my Baptist “new earth creationist” period. My Christian friend was concerned about fossils. He remarked that “a fifty-million-year-old bone is a fact.” I told him, “No. A bone is a fact, but fifty million years is somebody’s idea.” Never let it be thought I would let a fact stand in the way of a comfortable belief. At least, not for a few more years.

  2. Indeed, the world of Cosmology seems exciting at the moment, what with the discovery of Supermassive black holes and the Plutonian pictures we are now getting. It seems we are learning more and more about the Universe and there is no evidence of a celestial creator. Not one iota. This must tick off the religious people to no end. Long may our discoveries continue.

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