Bill Maher: Atheism a Religion? N-N-N-N-Noooooo!

Language Warning: It’s Bill Maher, so you know there’re going to be a couple of words I personally wouldn’t use. But it’s worth watching, because he destroys the phony claim that atheism is a religion.

I have never understood the claim. Atheism is the absence of religion. An atheist is an a-theist, or non-theist. A person without a god. That’s all. “Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position,” he says.

I am NOT an atheist because I believe there is no god, although I do believe that. I am an atheist because I DO NOT BELIEVE any god exists or has ever existed. To quote Maher again, “Religion is defined as the belief in and worship of a superhuman, controlling power; and atheism is precisely not that.”

In answer to the claim that atheism is a religion, he says, “No. N-n-n-n-No!”

One thought on “Bill Maher: Atheism a Religion? N-N-N-N-Noooooo!

  1. That’s right on the money. I do not like the arrogance of the Godly when they insist Atheism is a religion. It’s another one of their fall-back arguments that does not stand to reason. But then, neither does their religion.

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