Jamie Raven-Illusionist

This guy is good!

Click the link below for an even better trick. (Sorry I can’t embed this one.)

Click here for an even better one.

I really enjoy good magic tricks like these. They seem to bend and twist our minds as we try to understand what just happened. Jamie Raven is probably the best I have ever seen. Among other unbelievable things, he changes real money into play money just inches from the judge’s eyes, and (by extension) from our’s.

Jamie Reagan - MagicianEveryone was awed! Both male  judges said, “These are not tricks. This is real magic.” It surely looked like real magic to me, too.

As skeptics, we know beyond any reasonable doubt, this is NOT real magic. It’s not even unusual. In principle, it’s so common we have a name for it that everybody knows. It’s called sleight of hand. Jamie Raven just does it exceptionally well.

How does he do it? I have no idea. I wish I could figure it out.

Think. What seems more likely:

  1. That a man has supernatural powers, yet he just uses them for amusement?
  2. Or that he has invented and honed a few tricks for 20  years until he got really, incredibly, uncommonly, extraordinarily good at them?

Number 2 is more reasonable and more likely, of course. The guy has studied and practiced until he has become an expert. He may be the only person in the world who can perform those particular tricks. I dunno.

But I am certain they are illusions.

He makes no claim to having actual magic powers, of course; so nothing I’m saying is a criticism of him. I just keep reminding you because this guy is so good and his illusions so incredibly convincing.

Enjoy the shows, but don’t be mislead too far by your imagination.

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