Obama’s Demon

obama's demonWhen President Obama visited Nairobi, Kenya, recently, somebody was recording the event on video. While this was happening, somebody else evidently ran across in front of the camera, creating a dark, moving blur. World Daily News apparently thinks it might have been a demon. They ran the video below under the following headline:

Is this a ‘demon’ racing in front of Obama?

Note: For some reason, the embedded video only works sporadically. It is online at http://www.wnd.com/2015/08/video-is-this-a-demon-racing-in-front-of-obama/#ooid=5vZWFvdjpYQgD9QO3pYS4EFO6c-l6dlr.


WND is an extremely right-wing, fundamentalist, Christian ezine and blog that appears to be as interested in making money as “getting the message out.” I say this because of the overwhelming number of dramatic ads on their website and in their emails. Strange ads for preppie/survivalist gear, Russian gas masks, blood moons superstitious nonsense, and general sensationalism.

Beyond the ads, their content includes a lot of fundy nonsense, Tea Party politics, and end-of-the-age hogwash. Like all right-wingers, WND is extremely critical of our president. They appear to hate him. They criticize and resist everything he does. Now they’re suggesting he’s keeping company with a demon. They claim a “video editor” examined the film for them and seems to think it was weird.

A video editor who examined the footage told WND: “From a video editor’s standpoint, it could just be some sort of glitch. However, there doesn’t seem to be any logical reason as to why this glitch would appear as the rest of the video seems to be functioning fine. The image does look like some type of other-worldly being, but I’m sure everyone’s own imagination will conjure up what they would like it to be.”


They don’t mention who the “video editor” was or what his/her qualifications were, other than just being a “video editor.” That doesn’t mean very much. My eyes are not as good as they used to be, so give me a little help here. Is there anybody who can’t see that Obama’s ‘demon’ is just some out-of-focus jerk running across in front of the camera at an inopportune time?

I suspect they know better. If this is their attempt at satire, it is entirely out of place in a context where it actually looks like their attempts at serious content.



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