Ouija Boards: No, We Don’t Believe

Skeptics always knew Ouija boards couldn’t work. Here’s proof.

In 1886, spiritualists in Ohio invented a new device described as a “talking board” or “spirit board.” They said they used it to communicate with spirits of dead people.

When businessman Elijah Bond began selling them as Ouija boards in 1890, they were supposed to be innocent parlor games, unrelated to the occult; but spiritualist Pearl Curran popularized their occult use again during World War I.

The Ouija board is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet and the numerals 0–9, as well as the words “yes”, “no”, and sometimes “hello” and “goodbye.” It may also have various symbols and graphics. It uses a planchette (a small wooden or plastic pointer) as an indicator with which to spell out a spirit’s message during a seance. Participants place their fingers on the planchette, and it moves around the board to spell out words. Spirits are said to do the moving.

Ouija boardsThe scientific community has always criticized the paranormal and supernatural beliefs associated with the Ouija boards. They say the action of the device is just unconscious movements of the user’s hands.

Some Christian preachers warn that using Ouija boards can lead to demonic possession. They say the spirits controlling the movements are actually demons; not dead people.

This stuff is nonsense, of course.

There are no spirits of any kind moving the planchette. No dead people. No demons. No nothing. The users are doing it themselves, unconsciously.

The video shows that the spirits couldn’t talk to the users when they were blindfolded. We knew that already, because, after all … spirits aren’t real. Dead people can’t communicate. They can’t do anything. Because they’re dead. And demons are just a bad fairy tale. But not everybody understands that.

Every time supposedly paranormal or supernatural effects have been scientifically studied by appropriate experts under controlled circumstances, they have failed. The evidence is so overwhelming that we should consider it convincing. There are no paranormal beings or powers or effects. There is no supernatural. There is only nature.

But that’s OK, because there’s more wonder in nature than any of us could ever experience, no matter how hard we try.



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