This chimp doesn’t like drones

This past April, an irritated chimpanzee named Tushi at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands, purposefully took a 1.8-meter-long (5’11”) stick and knocked a filmmaker’s drone out of the sky. Then she examined it carefully before possibly concluding it was dead. (Who knows what she thought?)

She didn’t just happen to be holding a branch. “Zoo officials said they (the chimps) armed themselves against the drone,” according to the announcer. Not only Tushi, but also others, brought their stick to where they expected the drone to be.

We’ve known about Chimpanzees’ tool use for procuring food for a few years. They use sticks to probe dead bark for insects, or blades of grass to probe ant or termite hills. More recently they’ve been observed making sharp spears and using them to probe hollow trees for bush babies. Occasionally they throw a stick or rock.

This one just didn’t like that flying thing buzzing around and decided to do something about it. The $2,000 drone was destroyed.



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