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A while back — probably several months ago — I  referred to Fox News as “Faux News,” and I was asked if they had reported something incorrectly. I said “No.” At least not that I could document. My argument with Fox was more philosophical than factual.

Here is an example of why I disrespect them, and why I seldom watch them.

“She couldn’t park it?” “Boobs on the ground?”

The United Arab Emirates’ first female fighter pilot, nicknamed Lady liberty, had led a bombing raid against ISIS. A triumph in many ways. And the best these goons could think to say was “she couldn’t park it.” And does that qualify as “boobs on the ground?”

And this was just after they had practically crucified our President for “disrespecting our troops” by the horrifying crime of saluting with a cup of coffee in his hand. (No matter that George W. Bush had saluted without criticism with his arms filled with his dog.)

The worst of the Faux News offenders apologized.

“My remark was not intended to be disparaging of her, but that’s how it was taken. … I apologize for what I said.” Yeah? How were we supposed to take it?

Sometimes we all say things we shouldn’t have and have to apologize. This is human nature. Nevertheless, in my opinion, his original comments were just one more example of the very low quality of Fox News.

Then, of course, we could discuss Fox’s failure to support Megyn Kelly after the first Republican debate, when Trump accused her of trying to make him look bad and then spoke of blood coming out of her mouth and “her wherever.” But I won’t mention that.


One thought on “Faux News

  1. I think its called Faux News because there is very little News content and is mostly comment on right wing concerns. Fair balanced and unafraid? Gimmee a break……

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