Another amazing whale rescue!

This is amazing! The great humpback whale was given its life back.

This is even more dramatic than the other cetacean rescues I’ve reported on here and here. They thought this humpback whale was dead until, after several minutes, it broke the surface for a gasp of air.

Then the photographers discovered it was trapped in a large amount of fishnet, so much its fins were pinned to its sides and back and its tail fluke was bound. It couldn’t swim. It could hardly move and soon would have been dead.

They spent an hour cutting huge amounts of fishing net from the whale’s body, ending up with a boat load of the trash.

When it was all over, the whale put on a show for them. Like the other whale rescue that I posted about, this great humpback whale seems to be expressing its gratitude.

humpback whale
humpback whale


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