Happy Leap Year Day

Leap Year Day

It was 32 years ago today, February 29, 1984, that I got up from my desk at Southwestern Bell Telephone Company and told my boss “I quit.” Half-an-hour later, I was out the door. They didn’t want two weeks notice. Not from anybody. If you quit, you were gone as quickly as they could get you out the door.

It wasn’t the best decision I ever made, but neither was it the worst. The Bell System had just been broken up by court order and SWBT had officially become an independent company two months earlier, on January 1. It was a turbulent time in the company and in the industry.

By another year,  many of the people I had worked with had either quit or been laid off. Others had been transferred to other areas. I was just among the first of many.

I’m wishing us all a better Leap Year Day this year.

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