Help Bernie Sanders To Help You

Bernie starts off telling it exactly the way it was for my family and me 45 years ago. Then he tells it like it is now. Unfortunately, it’s about the same for many people now as it was then.

Four and a half decades ago, my wife — now my late wife — and I both worked full time; but we could not earn enough money to put nourishing food on the table for our children. We could not provide proper medical and dental care for our 5-yo daughter and our 4-yo son. We couldn’t keep our old car running.

Our children survived and now have grown offspring of their own, but I haven’t forgotten how my four-year-old son suffered with the crumbling teeth he had inherited from his father (Yes, me, of course!).

My son finally got a bionic mouth.

The “6 Million Dollar Man” was popular on TV. After we were eventually able to get my son some help from a charity group of dentists travelling through town in a bus, he joked that he had a “bionic mouth.” Nearly every tooth in his head had some metal in it.

I am well aware that many people were far worse off than we were. That didn’t make our problem any better! And the worst tragedy of all is that many people are still worse off now!

We have to help them. In the greatest country the world has ever known, it’s crazy that anybody should be willing and able to work forty hours a week, and still be poor.

Bernie is the ONLY candidate from either major party with a plan to stop half of every dollar earned in this country from going to the richest one half of one percent of us. That’s just crazy, and Bernie wants you and me to get our fair share of it for the first time in 85 years!

Bernie has a genuine plan to help the poor and the middle class, for a change. But he needs your vote in this election, and he’ll need your letters to Congressmen, Senators, newspaper editors, and others after his election.

Help me elect Bernie Sanders to be the next President of the United States. Only by standing together can we do it. If you qualify to vote in any state that hasn’t already had its primary, then vote for Bernie now. Stand behind him in this primary, again in the general election, and then for the next 4 or 8 years, as he fights for your rights and mine. While he struggles to keep ordinary people like nearly all of us from being constantly ripped off!

Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t consider all rich people to be evil monsters. Neither does Bernie. We need rich people to create jobs for many of the rest of us. Besides that, some of the very richest have given away most of their wealth to help people less fortunate. I have nothing but respect for them.

On the other hand, it is ONLY banks and other exceedingly rich corporations (oil companies, automobile factories, financial institutions, etc.) and individuals usually made rich by them that have the power to pay their CEOs enough money every year to live on for the rest of his or her life and still funnel boatloads of money into offshore, tax-free accounts, while their employees and customers have nothing and cannot pay their bills or buy medicine when they need it. Rich people like those and rich companies like those are monsters gobbling up the economy and leaving far too little for the rest of us. It must stop, and Bernie is the ONLY candidate who will stand up to them.

Your vote won’t be enough. Bernie knows very well that he can’t fight the big banks and oil companies by himself. Not even as President. He’ll need your help and mine all through his term in office.

This is nothing less than  a revolution!

But it’s not a revolution against the United States. It’s a revolution against the big banks, oil companies, automobile factories, and corporations of all kinds that are “too big to fail.” The ones that pay their CEOs many millions of dollars a year, while their employees have to buy groceries with food stamps and do without whatever medicines they need. The corporations and the billionaires that have bought and paid for our legislators for the past 85 years.

We have to take power and money back from them, and Bernie Sanders is the only chance we have.

Feel the Bern!

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