I’m an atheist and a skeptic with a deep interest in science; especially evolution.

Since I’m an atheist and a skeptic with a deep interest in evolution and other science, most of my posts will be about atheism, skepticism, and sciencey stuff. While I am not politically correct, neither will I be rude or vulgar.

One of the things I’m most skeptical of is religion. This stems from my 42 years as a Christian fundamentalist — including 30+ years as an Independent Baptist, which has made me more than an atheist. I am actually an antitheist. So I’ll write skeptical articles about religion and religious figures from time to time.

Sciencey stuff necessarily includes nature, because that’s what science studies. We’ll have lots of nature articles. I especially like stories that seem to indicate animal intelligence and higher mental abilities, and I expect to post a lot of them. Many animals are smarter than most of us think.

Science is often affected and afflicted by politics. And it conflicts with some religions. And some idiot will occasionally say something stupid about science or atheism that needs to be corrected, I may feel I have to add my two cents to the discussion.

I also use this site to display videos I consider interesting or important about science or atheism, or to re-post other such information from wherever I can find it.  A few of these re-posted materials will unavoidably contain language I consider offensive and that I would not personally use in my own writings. I may occasionally re-post these materials anyway, if I consider them important enough. I’ll try to remember to mark them so you’ll be warned. I hope you’ll find a few of these things as interesting as I do.

I’m highly Opinionated.

I have very strong opinions about many things; and I find it absolutely painful and almost impossible to keep quiet about them. Despite this fact, I am not ashamed to admit that many of my opinions have changed over the last 77 years. This is called learning, and I love learning.

I am a skeptic. This means I want evidence before forming an opinion or belief. One should never form an opinion about something important without evidence, and I try not to. Nevertheless, when additional evidence is presented, old opinions may be overthrown and new ones formed. This, also, is as it should be. We form the best opinions or beliefs we can at any given time, based on the best evidence available then, but always understanding there may be more evidence that we have not yet seen or considered.

Not only do I believe my opinions are true. (Isn’t that what it means to have an opinion?) In many cases, I also believe it’s important for people to know those truths. So I write. And I re-post other people’s good educational materials when appropriate.

I say bluntly what I mean here.

In person, or on Facebook or other social media, I may speak carefully to be polite. On this site, I am more likely to be blunt. Even here, I don’t want to be rude, and I will try hard not to do so; but there is a time and a place to say exactly what one believes. For me, this is that place. I place it here for those who are interested, and you read it by your own choice.

I’m an atheist, a liberal (In the old-fashioned sense), and a patriot both to my nation and especially to humankind. Sometimes a curmudgeon. And did I say I’m opinionated?

I’m heterosexual.

I’m a heterosexual. I mention this only because I empathize with those who are different from me, and my empathy has been misinterpreted by some. (I’ve noticed that a lot of homophobes have an inexplicable tendency to do that, and it gets inconvenient.)

Other people’s copyrighted materials

Other people’s materials are reused as appropriate for purposes of commentary, criticism, or education under the fair use clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 and later versions and revisions. They are usually accompanied by appropriate comments of my own.

I have created this blog in the hope that whoever is interested might learn a little bit from me and share their own information or opinions in the form of comments. I also hope to learn more by doing my research and from your comments. I love learning, and I love teaching by writing.

You should probably think of this blog as being PG rated and recommended for people 13 years old and above. However, intelligent children a couple of years younger may also profit from parts of it.

I use “clinically correct” language to describe sexual or biological functions, but I never use the offensive slang words often associated with them.

I make posts about things I feel strongly about, and a few of these things tend to arouse strong emotion in others. Emotion that is not always pleasant. Many of them will discuss offensive or shocking topics. Reader discretion is advised.

I’m not a great thinker. I’ve already been told that.

I’ve never pretended to be a “great thinker,” and I make no claim that any of my ideas and opinions are original. I’m sure I got most or all of them from somewhere else, even if I don’t always remember where. Ideas cannot be copyrighted, of course. They are always in the public domain and anybody can use them. You are certainly welcome to reuse any you find here.

I’m not an expert advisor.

I am not a medical doctor, lawyer, scientist, or other professional; and I have no degrees or other credentials to back up anything I write. I have only 77 years of reading, study, and experience.

Therefore, nothing I write should be considered medical, legal, financial, or any other kind of advice. If I ever seem to suggest doing something, please use your own judgement. Get any advice you might need from somebody better qualified than I.

I occasionally use affiliate links.

From time to time I may recommend books or other materials and include a link where you can buy these items. These links will usually  be “affiliate links.” That means if you follow the link and buy something, I may make a small commission on it to help pay the expenses associated with this blog. In that case, I thank you. All links in the bookstore are affiliate links.

This will not sway my opinions of such materials. I will recommend only what I honestly believe in. This does not mean I have read every book in the bookstore. I have read many of them, but others are placed there because of the author or the subject.

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