truthThis blog is dedicated to truth. Truth about everything of importance, anyway. And no untruth about anything, no matter how unimportant. We’re dedicated especially  to truth about ‘sciencey stuff’ (a term I use to include science, the stuff it studies, and the stuff it produces). The stuff science studies, of course, is nature; and I’ll include a lot of posts about animals and virtually everything else in nature. The stuff science produces is technology, and it’s all around us in our daily lives. And again, there’ll be lots of it in these pages.

It has become fashionable to say, “I don’t know much about science,” or “I’m not a scientist.” We’ll have none of that in these pages. While I’m technically not a scientist, I definitely have a scientist’s instinct. That is, a desire to know the truth. In this blog, we seek the truth about science, about nature, about technology, and about everything that’s of any importance. I don’t let not being a scientist stop me. I seek truth in the writings of those who have found it. And in the videos. Wherever their words have been stored. I read the 800-page science books that most people would never finish. Or most likely, even start. Then I tell the truth about it in this blog.

The truth about sciencey stuff. That’s my favorite thing!

But Americans, especially, have gone completely haywire about evolution. That’s another sciencey thing. But even if it weren’t, those of us who understand it a little bit and love it have to stand up and tell the truth about it. The truth is that evolution is real and it’s the cause of most beauty in nature.

Ignoramuses claim, often from the pulpit, that not only is evolution wrong, but it’s not even science. It’s tempting to call them liars; but the truth is that, in most cases, they are ignoramuses. Even if willingly ignorant of the truth. I tell the truth about evolution, that it is NOT only a theory, but also a fact.

Another thing Americans have gone absolutely crazy about, especially in the last couple of years, is politics. I’ve never wanted to write about politics, but few things are as important in our everyday lives as the decisions of our politicians. So I tell the truth as I see it about politics and politicians.

And I tell the truth about religion. And about God. And about religious people. I know some very good ones, but I believe they’re good in spite of their religion. Not because of it. “Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” So said American physicist Steven Weinberg. It was another American physicist, as well as philosopher, author, and religious skeptic Victor Stenger, who said, “Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.Tell the Truth

I don’t attack good people because they are religious. I attack religion–not religious people–because religion is wrong. There is no evidence that any God ever existed, and plenty of reason to think one never did. And that’s the truth I tell.

An important thing to remember as we search for important truths to discuss is that It is often very difficult to determine that any truth is unimportant, and a truth that seems unimportant today may be important tomorrow. Or a truth that seems unimportant to me may be important to you.

Whenever possible, I’ll back up my facts with quotes, graphics, or videos from other sources. Sometimes, in fact, the quoted material may be the whole post.

In some cases, we may disagree about what the truth is. I have seldom hesitated to express my opinions about controversial subjects, assuming I have what I consider an informed or educated opinion. I don’t always, of course. Though I’m often accused of being a know-it-all, I have never pretended to know everything.

Be sure to leave your comments below each post. I expect to make so many controversial statements that I’ll probably provoke quite a bit of disagreement. That’s OK. Just be honest, brief, and courteous, and I’ll publish your comments. No foul language, please; and no name calling. All comments become the property of this site, but non-abusive comments will not show your email or location without your permission unless you include them inside your comment. Abusive comments may or may not be published, solely at my discretion. Any abusive comments published may include full identification and email address.

Truth Is TruthI sit here all day with my computer in my lap, searching the Internet for information, reading some great blogs, writing an ebook or two, and occasionally making a post on my own blog.

If we meet in person, I’ll most likely be polite, respectful, and probably even refrain from bringing up controversial subjects. On this blog, I tend to say what I feel like saying. If you’re interested in what I say, it’s here for you. If not, that’s up to you.

As long as I am able, I intend to make good use of what time I have left, learning as much truth as possible and repeating as much of it as I can, as best I can determine it, for those who are interested.