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One More Psychic Fraud Exposed

The Amazing Randi does it again!

Notice the huckster’s hand movements and other motions? A true psychic shouldn’t need that. After all, his power is supposed to be in his mind. All the hocus-pocus serves only to distract our attention from what he is really trying to do–move the pencil and the pages of the phone book by blowing on them. He’s just an ordinary magician. Like Randi himself! And that would be OK. But he lies about it, and that’s NOT OK.

Randi’s $10,000 challenge was later raised to a million dollars for many years, and still no true psychic was ever found. Of course, it really shouldn’t be any surprise. If even just one person on earth had real psychic powers, don’t you think he or she would quickly wipe out every casino in Las Vegas?