My Bucket List

Hey, I’m 78 years old and can’t even walk without help. I use a power chair to get around, so there’s no way I’ll ever be able to do most of the things I want to. Some will be impractical; others, impossible. I understand that.

My desires are relatively modest, I think. I no longer want to go to Mars or even Antarctica. I’ll leave those things for my grandchildren and their children.

I definitely still want to put little wings on my arms and legs and fly in the microgravity center of a giant space station or a domed and pressurized crater on the moon, but I probably wouldn’t have the necessary strength.  However, since there are no giant space stations in this part of the universe yet, I won’t put that on my list.

Nevertheless, here are a few things I would love to do or see before I die. though I know none of them  are likely to ever be possible. I may add more from time to time.

  1. Grand Canyon in Arizona
  2. Meteor Crater in Arizona
  3. Northern or southern lights anywhere
  4. A tornado. From a distance. I’ve never seen one, except on TV or a movie.
  5. Explain evolution so simply and compellingly that a few people who didn’t understand will say “Oh, now I see.”
  6. Explain skepticism equally well.
  7. Visit the International Space Station

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