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Willful, Arrogant Ignorance

This is the kind of willful, arrogant ignorance that exists in much of the religious community. This particular guy is a Muslim, but it seems to be even more prevalent among Christians.  Remember the stupid story about the Boeing 747 a lot of Christians like to talk about that was supposed to have been created by a tornado in a  junkyard?

Fortunately, not all religious people are so arrogant about being ignorant. Some have educated themselves enough to understand that evolution is real, and that it is NOT RANDOM. Nevertheless, this kind of arrogant, willful ignorance is still far too common among “believers”.

Another mistake this ridiculous video makes is to equate atheism with evolution. It claims to be about atheism, but it is obviously a parody of evolution by somebody who completely misunderstands both atheism and evolution. If you’re going to make fun of something, you ought to be sure you understand that thing first. Otherwise, it just makes you look as stupid and asinine as this idiot.

More than 150 years since Darwin published his great book On the Origin of Species — and especially now that we have Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True and Richard Dawkins’ The Greatest Show on Earth —  there’s no excuse for any educated person in the free world to believe, claim, or imply that evolution is just based on chance. Natural selection, which mainly drives evolution, is not random in any sense. And there’s overwhelming evidence that it’s real.

That’s messed up!

Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Ken Ham is an ignoramus!

In the first place, this idea is just his imagination; because the Bible (where he supposedly gets his information) says nothing at all about life on other worlds. Absolutely nothing!

Secondly, the space program as it exists now is not looking for intelligent life on other worlds. We already know it is extremely unlikely that we’ll find it in this solar system, because we would have already found evidence of it. What we’re looking for now is something like bacteria. Does Ken Ham honestly believe bacteria and other microbes are damned to hell when they die?

I should add that there are groups of scientists and mostly volunteers who are looking for signals from intelligent alien civilizations, but these groups are not part of the space program. They are supported mostly by private donations. They work under the name of SETI, or Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. SETI looks for radio signals and other signs of life in the vicinity of other stars; not here in the solar system, where our space ships currently explore.

Thirdly, why would any supposedly educated person suppose the only purpose of the space program is to find ET intelligent life? We send space ships to explore the solar system and learn how it works. This helps us understand how earth itself works, and eventually will make it possible to use the resources of space to make life better right here on earth. If life exists away from earth, finding it would increase our knowledge of the universe. That would be a good thing. OTOH, if we explore the solar system and find no sign of anything living anywhere but earth, that was only a small part of the project, anyway.

In the long run, very few things are more important to humans on earth than our space program.