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President Obama’s July 4 Speech

Great speech, President Obama! Short and to the point, which automatically makes it far better than most political speeches.

Published on Jul 4, 2015

In this week’s address, the President wished everyone a happy Fourth of July. He honored the individuals who, throughout the history of America, have struggled and sacrificed to make this country a better place, from our Founding Fathers, to the men and women in uniform serving at home and overseas.

Youtube Page

On this 239th annual celebration of our Declaration of Independence, President Obama spoke for 2 minutes and 39 seconds, according to one Youtube commenter. (It says 2:40 above, but why quibble over a second or two?) I’ve seen no word on whether that timing was planned or accidental.

So what’s wrong with President Obama’s speech? You won’t believe what these “conservative,” Republican, knumbskulls are holding against our President now!

By 10:02 pm that same evening, The Blaze, a small news aggregator apparently run by Glen Beck, had posted the article, Obama’s Fourth of July Address to America Omits One Very Big Word, by Dave Urbanski. What word was it? God, of course. He never mentioned the word “God” in his 159 second speech.

Urbanski describes the speech briefly and comments it “had its good points.” Then he continues:

But at the very end, when presidents — including Obama — usually sign off with some form of “May God bless the United States of America,” he offered a different finishing touch.

One that left God out.

Obama ended it like so: “Thanks, everybody. From my family to yours, have a safe and happy Fourth of July.”

The Blaze

So? What’s the problem?

Any time the President speaks for 159 seconds, is he supposed to mention our favorite national invisible friend by name and ask for His blessings upon our nation? I don’t think the Constitution mentions that requirement.

It’s apparently not enough to mention “the Creator.”

Urbanski then reminds us the President had referred to “the Creator” earlier in his speech (at 1:03), but that evidently wasn’t enough for him. He tells us, “You be the judge.”

No doubt by next week they’ll be lampooning our President for “trivializing” his speech by timing it exactly that way. Some will claim–as if they knew–that he left off the name of God in order to make the trivialized timing match our national history a second for a year, thereby making the name of God Himself a trivial matter. (Maybe he did, for that matter. I don’t know, either. Nor do I care.)

This President never had a chance to serve our nation effectively. Before he even took office seven years ago, Republican leaders in both houses of Congress and elsewhere were announcing their primary goal was to make sure he was a single-term President. They should have been impeached immediately, of course; but there were too many of them. They would have had to impeach themselves.

Since they couldn’t find any excuse to impeach our elected President, he served that first four-year term and we re-elected him for another one. For seven years now, Republicans have done their best to block him at every turn. It’s not as if they had better solutions to our problems; they just blocked practically everything that came before them. And the Republican candidates who hope to replace him in office in a little over 18 months threaten to undo even the few things he has been able to accomplish, often through Presidential decree.

An arrogant, ignorant, desert sheriff who calls himself “America’s toughest sheriff” and seems to think he is God took it upon himself to send deputies to Hawaii to investigate the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate. He concluded it “doesn’t look right,” but he didn’t seem sure enough to ask Congress for an impeachment.

When the President has asked Congress for badly needed legislation and they did nothing, people accused him of “grabbing power” by acting on immigration and other matters on his own initiative. Somebody had to do something!

President ObamaLast week he was mauled for using the word “nigger” in an appropriate manner in a discussion about race relations.

Now they criticize him for only referring to “the Creator” and not once mentioning the name of God in this particular very short, informal speech. And it’s not just this one article by one man in this one online publication, either. Many other writers in other online publications have already made the same complaint. Twitter was buzzing about it for a while.

People who have nothing better to do than complain about whether or not the very real American President whom we elected spoke the name of their favorite imaginary friend in a particular 159-second, very informal speech need to get a life.



Obama Just Said A Stunning Racial Slur

President ObamaThat was the headline.

Listen: Obama Just Said A Stunning Racial Slur During An Interview, Massive Debate Ensues

In fact, you can hear it yourself here. In an interview with Marc Maron on The WTF Podcast released Monday, President Obama and he discussed the issue of race in this country. The President himself described what they were talking about:

The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives, you know, that casts a long shadow, and that’s still part of our DNA that’s passed on. We’re not cured of it.

Then a little later, he commented thusly:

And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say ‘nigger’ in public. That’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. It’s not just a matter of overt discrimination.

Can you believe our President–our first ever black President–was chastised for using the N-word? How stupid can people be?

Practically every news outlet and every commentator seems to think the President insulted somebody. Hey, folks! This man has had the epithet hurled at him for his whole life. He wasn’t slurring anybody. He was discussing race relations. Give him a break!



Bernie Sanders: Is He the Only Presidential Candidate with a Functioning Brain?

Bernie says the most serious problem facing our country is that “we don’t discuss the most serious problems facing our country.”

I never intended this to be a political blog, but there doesn’t seem to be any choice. This Presidential election is just too weird. And it matters.

I’m afraid of Hillary. It’s not her age; Reagan was her age when he was elected. It’s not her gender. It’s not so much the email thing, although that’s a bit awkward. It’s Benghazi, and the fact that it has never been explained.

I can’t word the basics any better than Wikipedia and still get all the information in:

On September 11, 2012, the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi was attacked by a heavily armed group of 125-150 gunmen, whose trucks bore the logo of Ansar al-Sharia, a group of Islamist militants, also known as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, working with the local government to manage security in Benghazi. U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Information Officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors and former Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed during a series of raids, commencing at nightfall and continuing into the next morning. Ten others were injured.


It was 9-11 all over again, exactly 11 years later; and here was another attack on the United States by Al Qaeda.

I can’t remember exactly. Was it 14 hours the attack lasted? Or 18? It was all night and part of the morning. Potentially long enough to get them some help before it was over. Maybe before it was too late. They repeatedly called for help, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent them none. Why? We don’t know. She refuses to say.

The former Navy Seals across the street wanted to go help, and were ordered to “stand down.” It’s not clear where the order came from. Hillary? We don’t know. Before long the ex-Seals defied orders and went anyway, but they were too late and too few.

Both Hillary and President Obama have continually refused to explain what happened and why no help was sent. When Hillary was questioned later in Congress, she appeared flustered and asked “What does it matter now?” It matters a lot now, Hillary! It might tell us a lot about your character. Maybe good, if we knew the facts. But it doesn’t appear good at all. How can we know if you won’t tell us what happened from your perspective? How can we elect a Commander-in-Chief who appears to have neglected a very bad situation and let four people under her die unaided?

As far as I know, the information hasn’t even been classified. They just refuse to answer.

The Republicans are worse. Every last one of them. Bill Maher hit it on the head when he described them, but I promised not to use that kind of language here. (Sorry, I lost the link; but if you know Bill Maher, you’ll get the idea.) They’re crazy. They’re not all exactly the same kind of crazy, but pretty nearly. At last count, we have 17 of them. I’d vote for ANY Democrat over any of them.

A President’s influence reaches far beyond his or her own term(s). A President appoints Federal Judges, including Supreme Court Justices, as well as various other officials. Federal Judges and Justices remain in office for life or until they decide to retire. A bad judge can mess things up for a long time. And the next President is likely to appoint two or three Supreme Court Justices.

Every one of those climate change denying, religious nut job, big business loving, rich Republicans want to reduce their own taxes even lower than they already are, raise your taxes to make up the difference, teach religion in your kid’s science class, waste billions of your tax dollars rounding up eleven million immigrants (as if that were even possible) and ship them south, outlaw all abortions just as they were 50 years ago, repeal the Affordable Care Act, keep the disastrous War on Drugs going and keep our prisons overflowing with people who weren’t violent until we locked them up, and go to war with ISIS and maybe Iran. And who knows who else?

We MUST NOT let one of these lunatics get in the White House. They’ll set us back 50 years, if we don’t disappear in a mushroom cloud of radioactive smoke first. Besides the damage they’d personally do in office, if we survive, any Federal Judges they appoint would be likely to carry on the carnage for a generation. We MUST have a liberal in the White House, and Hillary is a liberal. For that reason, if Hillary gets the Democratic nomination, I expect to vote for her.

Bernie is even more liberal.

Bernie SandersBernie Sanders (born September 8, 1941) is six years older than Hillary; but he’s still going strong. He describes himself as “philosophically a democratic socialist.”

Don’t let the S word shake you up. He doesn’t want to turn the USA into Russia or China or Cuba. He wants to create a lot of high-paying jobs in a hurry, rebuild our almost ancient highway system and replace rotting bridges and overpasses, make sure everybody eats and sleeps under a roof, make sure everybody gets free healthcare like they do in every other major Western country and pay for it with half the money, split up any bank that’s “too big to fail” so we won’t have to bail them out again, promote clean energy, make every public college or university in the USA tuition free, and stop corporate executives from taking multi-million dollar annual bonuses from their companies while their workers have trouble buying groceries and paying the rent. And he’ll try not to invade anybody. There’s more, but it’s that kind of thing. I’m for it. Check out his website.

Watch the video and see if he doesn’t sound good to you. He makes startling statements like those below–but about a plethora of different problems; not just money. Then he tells us how he’s gonna change things:

  • Between 1980 and 2005, 80 percent … 80 percent of all new income in this country went to the top 1 percent.
  • The top one-tenth of one percent earns 12 cents of every dollar.
  • The top one-tenth of one percent owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%.
  • 99% of all new income generated today goes to the top one percent.
  • There is something wrong with America when one family– the Walton family– owns more wealth than the bottom 130 million Americans.
  • Today the top 1/10 of 1% owns nearly as much wealth as the bottom 90%.
  • There is something profoundly wrong when (working people are) working longer hours for lower wages, and yet 90% of all new income goes to the top 1%.

Bernie SandersThose statistics stagger the imagination. The middle class is almost gone from this country. That’s not scare talk; it’s factually true. A few billionaires are literally buying candidates who want to reduce their taxes even more than they already are, raise your taxes to make up the difference, and do away with the minimum wage. Otherwise, they want to maintain the financial status quo well enough so the billionaires who finance them will keep getting richer and richer and you and I will keep getting poorer and poorer. If we let them control both Congress and the White House, there’ll be no way to stop them.

A hand-full of billionaires cannot have it all. Consider helping Bernie get the nomination and the White House.



Sheriff Joe Arpaio: America’s Toughest Sheriff

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Sheriff Joe Arpaio

In 2012, the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona (Phoenix and it’s surroundings), alleging widespread constitutional violations and lawless mistreatment of Latinos, solely because of their race. If these charges are true, this is not acceptable. Constitutional rights in this country are for everybody.

Among other things, he and his department were accused of the following things:

  1. Forcing Latina Women To Sleep In Their Own Menstrual Blood
  2. Assaulting Pregnant Latina Woman
  3. Stalking Latina Women
  4. Criminalizing Being A Latino
  5. Criminalizing Living Next To The Wrong People
  6. Ignoring Rape of Latina Women and Girls
  7. Widespread Use Of Racial Slurs
  8. Widespread Racial Profiling
  9. Random, Unlawful Detention Of Latinos
  10. Group Punishments For Latinos

You can  read the details at ThinkProgress.

That’s not all. “Sheriff Joe” retaliates.

In addition to this, the suit complained about “Arpaio’s practice of retaliating against critics and opponents, be they judges, prosecutors, politicians, or average citizens.” (Phoenix New Times) How Napoleonic can a desert sheriff be? That is absolutely, totally, completely, categorically unacceptable. No ifs and/or buts. A nation that allows law enforcement officials to retaliate against people who disagree with their tactics will not long remain a democracy.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) had previously filed suit against him for some of the same practices. The two suits ran concurrently, but the ACLU got to court first, won their case, and got a court order requiring the violations to stop:

In 2013, U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow found Arpaio and the MCSO guilty of widespread racial profiling against Latinos and ordered a litany of reforms intended to prevent a recurrence of this civil rights disaster under Arpaio’s watch.

Phoenix New Times

MCSO is Arpaio’s Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. The DOJ’s case is still pending, but they’ve already obtained additional judgement on the parts of their case that overlapped the ACLU case. I am no lawyer, but it seems likely they’ll win the rest of their complaint against Arpaio. The DOJ case is scheduled for August 10 and estimated to take 15 days. I’ll be watching from my recliner.

“Sheriff Joe” is tough.

This is the same “Sheriff Joe” who carried prisoners out into  the desert a few years ago and made them live in tents under the sun in 115º weather. Just to show he was tough.

He’s the same “Sheriff Joe” who took it upon himself to send deputies to Hawaii to investigate whether or not President Obama was actually born there and concluded his birth certificate “didn’t look right.”

He’s the same “Sheriff Joe” who was found guilty of racial profiling in federal court and had a monitor appointed to oversee his department’s operations. His jails have twice been ruled unconstitutional, and the DOJ has concluded that he oversaw the worst pattern of racial profiling in U.S. history.

He’s the same “Sheriff Joe” who refused to cooperate with the DOJ’s investigation until required to do so by a Federal Court, and it’s estimated he’ll have spent $56 million dollars of the county’s money defending himself against these two lawsuits instead of just agreeing not to do these illegal things any more. (After all, it’s  not his money he’s spending.)

He styles himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” but he may be America’s most arrogant sheriff. He’s been re-elected every four years since 1992. I don’t know why. Maybe those folks have had their brains baked by the sun. (Remember the 115º afternoons?)

I’m not one who thinks life in jail should be comfortable, but it should be Constitutional. Neither do I oppose strict enforcement of the law; but it, too, should be Constitutional. I do oppose cruelty, illegal searches and arrests, and other violations of the Constitution. We are one nation under the Constitution of the United States of America. If that’s not true any more, American exceptionalism is obsolete.

Still more “Sheriff Joe”

Tomorrow, the first Sunday after nine black churchgoers were murdered by a white man in South Carolina, this bigot sheriff has vowed to send armed, volunteer posse members into each of 60 mainly black churches in the Phoenix area, whether they want the “protection” or not. And some of them don’t.

There might actually be a need for something like this; but I’m not sure I’d want a bunch of his armed, probably mostly white, open-carry fanatics guarding my clubhouse, either.

Sheriff Joe and any others like him must go. We can’t afford to have them in offices of authority.



Zoltan Istvan Wants to Be Your Next President

Here’s another guy who wants to be President of the United States

Zoltan Istvan
Zoltan Istvan

Presidential candidates are multiplying faster than rabbits this year in the U.S.A. They’re hopping all over the place.

Zoltan Istvan–I know. I never heard of him before, either.–is a transhumanist philosopher. I am somewhat familiar with the transhumanist movement. They want to live forever. I do too.

According to Wikipedia, he was born in 1973, so he’s about 42. And married. And he wrote The Transhumanist Wager, a philosophical science fiction novel. He was born in Los Angeles and now lives in San Francisco.

Why does Zoltan Istvan want to be President?

Last October, I declared my 2016 US candidacy under the newly formed Transhumanist Party, which I founded, and promised my community of techno-optimists I’d do everything I could to use my campaign as a way to speed up the arrival of robotic hearts, brain implants, artificial limbs, exoskeleton suits, and indefinite lifespans—all of which are just a small part of the radical science transhumanists aim to make a standard part of people’s lives.


I’m not recommending you vote for him, and I don’t expect to, either. On the other hand, it’s possible we might do worse. Think about the possibilities. Somebody who wants to live a very long time–virtually forever–on earth, not in heaven, might be more hesitant to start a war.

Besides that, he is extremely pro-science. He depends on science to keep him–and as many of us as possible–alive and healthy long enough to be made virtually immortal. I’m definitely for that, even though I’m probably too old already to benefit fully from it.

The Transhumanist Party may seem fringe to some, but it’s not. It’s mainly made up of scientists, engineers, futurists, and people who love technology. And while we don’t have a formal paying membership process, my officers and I estimate—based on social media, event turnouts, and donations—we now have about 25,000 supporters in the US. We also have approximately 40 volunteers and more signing up every week. Globally, there are now almost 25 Transhumanist Parties on five different continents, each with its own rules that it determines best within its national framework.


He says transhumanists are in favor of “designer babies,” babies whose DNA has been edited to remove genetic defects.

Scientists in China report that they have recently done this, but scientists and politicians in the rest of the world are calling for a moratorium on editing human genes. It is definitely a serious business that requires careful, intelligent thought. Changing a human gene changes the future of humanity a little bit, because that modified gene will be passed on to the individual’s offspring. But that’s the whole idea, to pass on healthy genes instead of genes that make a person sick.

“We are at a time in human history when such radical genetic engineering technology may help eliminate disease and give us healthier children,” said Dr. L. M. Memmel, a researcher, board-certified Obstetrician & Gynecologist, and Treasurer of the Transhumanist Party. “We should proceed with caution and an open discussion, but let’s not derail the train before it has left the station.”

Huffington Post

It’s a way to wipe out sickle-cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, and eventually, all other genetic diseases. Isn’t it OK to change the human race just enough to make our descendants healthier?

Check the sources below for more info.



Remember Our 1st Amendment this D-Day

The D-Day we remember was 71 year ago today.

The Normandy landings (codenamed Operation Neptune) were the landing operations on 6 June 1944 (termed D-Day) of the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. The largest seaborne invasion in history, the operation began the invasion of German-occupied western Europe, led to the liberation of France from Nazi control, and contributed to the Allied victory.


Let us never forget that day.

D-Day 1944 US Army Troops Wade Ashore at Normandy
D-Day 1944 US Army Troops Wade Ashore at Normandy

The Allies had deliberately mislead the Germans about when and where the main invasion was going to be, so the primary German defenses were elsewhere. Nevertheless, the Allies were met with extremely serious resistance as they waded ashore from their landing craft on the day we now know as D-Day.

The weather was bad, but postponing the invasion would have meant a delay of at least two weeks. The tide and even the phase of the moon had to be right, so only a few days each month were suitable.

24,000 British, US, and Canadian airborne troops landed shortly after midnight. Amphibious landings began at 6:30 am. The beach was mined and covered with barbed wire and other obstacles to hinder invasion.

Special tanks, nicknamed Hobart’s Funnies, had been designed just for this day. They were needed to deal with conditions expected during the campaign, including scaling seawalls and providing support on the beach.

D-Day Preparation Meeting Supreme Command, Allied Expeditionary Force, London, February 1, 1944
D-Day Preparation Meeting Supreme Command, Allied Expeditionary Force, London, February 1, 1944

Generals Eisenhower and Montgomery first saw the plan on December 31, 1943. It proposed landing on May 1, 1944, with three divisions and two more standing by. Both Generals immediately insisted all five divisions take part in the invasion, with airborne support by three additional divisions. More landing craft had to be built, so the invasion was delayed until June 6.

D-Day German troops using captured French tanks (Beutepanzer) in Normandy, 1944
D-Day German troops using captured French tanks (Beutepanzer) in Normandy, 1944

Eventually, over a million American, British, Canadian, Polish, and French troops were committed to the Battle of Normandy. There were about 1,000 German casualties that first D-Day. There were at least 10,000 Allied casualties with 4,414 confirmed dead.

It is almost trite to say these men fought and died for our freedom. But they did. Without their sacrifice, many of us would never have been born and the rest would be speaking German. Not only in the US, but probably worldwide. It was the biggest war ever fought, and it could have easily gone the other way.

Nazi Germany was an aggressive, technological war machine.

Hitler’s Nazi forces had already overrun France and most of Europe and were invading Russia. They had developed powerful rockets (which we didn’t have yet) and were bombing England with them on a daily basis. Fortunately for the United States, they couldn’t reach us. They were near to building an atom bomb before we did.

Hitler intended to take over the entire world and slaughter all the remaining Jews and anybody who opposed him. Without these heroes, he could have done it. It’s popular to talk about how bad things are, but they could have been a lot worse!

Let us not lose that freedom now. Make your voice, your actions, and your votes count to protect our First Amendment Freedom of Speech and all our other human rights. Begin by refusing to let “hate speech” be outlawed.

Speech we like needs no protection; Freedom of Speech is for speech we don’t like. If “they” can’t say what they want to today, neither will you and I be able to tomorrow.



  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normandy_landings

Mike Huckabee Wants to Be Your Next President Under God

Mike Huckabee is wrong

Mike Huckabee says the President of the United States should not obey Supreme Court decisions that violate God’s laws. Mike Huckabee is wrong.

Presidents, judges, Supreme Court justices, and many other office holders (both elected and appointed) swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America before they are permitted to take office. There is no mention of taking orders from God.

There is a reason for this omission.

Mike Huckabee for PresidentThe Constitution itself makes clear that we may not have any established state religion. Presidents and other holders of government office are welcome to have their own religion, but they have no right to try to impose it on the rest of us. Indeed, if a president were to try to do so, it would surely be grounds for impeachment.

Last April, speaking at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Huckabee made a similar argument, claiming that the Supreme Court could not overturn God on same-sex marriage:

I respect the courts, but the Supreme Court is only that — the supreme of the courts. It is not the supreme being. It cannot overrule God. When it comes to prayer, when it comes to life, and when it comes to the sanctity of marriage, the court cannot change what God has created.

See more at: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2015/05/huckabee-presidents-should-ignore-supreme-court-and-obey-supreme-being/#sthash.rj42el8O.dpuf

Mike Huckabee is wrong again

Mike Huckabee believes the United States and its officials should be taking orders from God. Mike Huckabee is wrong. There is no polite way to say it. Mike Huckabee is wrong. And it’s an extremely dangerous mistake for somebody who wants to be President of the United States. Look at Saudia Arabia or Pakistan, if you don’t believe me. They are ruled by men who believe they are taking orders from God.

The fact is, the executive branch can overrule the Congress by vetoing a bill, while the Supreme Court  can overrule the Congress and Executive by striking down a law that does not comply with the constitution.

– See more at: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2015/05/huckabee-presidents-should-ignore-supreme-court-and-obey-supreme-being/#sthash.rj42el8O.dpuf

Mike Huckabee is still wrong

The United States is not–and never has been–one nation under God. Since 1785 we have been one nation under the Constitution of the United States of America.

We don’t need another president who thinks he knows what God wants, especially not one who is willing to break his vows to uphold the Constitution. Our next President must be ready to uphold and defend the Constitution, including  its separation of powers. Mike Huckabee has already told us plainly the Constitution is not his top priority.

Mike Huckabee is wrong for President.

Bernie Sanders Takes On the Greedy Rich

“Between 1980 and 2005, 80 percent … 80 percent of all new income in this country went to the top 1 percent. 80 percent!” Bernie Sanders

Don’t forget Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in November, 2016

“Between 1980 and 2005, 80% … 80% of all new income in this country went to the top 1%.”

Eighty percent of all income in this country goes to the richest one percent of the people. “They want more, more, more. Their greed knows no end.” Furthermore, the “top one-tenth of one percent earns 12 cents of every dollar” earned in this country today. Can you believe it?

Bernie Sanders is fair

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

Sanders admits there are many reasonable and patriotic rich people in this country that want everybody to prosper. But he says there are many others who only want to accumulate more  and more money for themselves while poverty increases and the middle class goes away. They also want (and get) more and more tax breaks.

I’m not against rich people. I admire some of them tremendously. I’m well aware that a few of the richest Americans have given away most of their money to help the poor, and I appreciate them very much.

I’m against rich people getting richer and richer while poor people get poorer and poorer. I’m against more and more tax breaks for the one percent of the population who gets 80% of the money.

So is Bernie. That’s why I like him.

That’s not the only reason I like Bernie. I like him because he’s honest. Because he tells it like he sees it. And because he looks out for the little people.

I’m one of those little people, and I appreciate Bernie being on my side.

Sources: https://www.facebook.com/senatorsanders


Moral Rebirth through Required Church Attendance

Moral rebirth is what Arizona State Sen. Sylvia Allen, Republican of course,  wants for our country.

Moral rebirth is what Arizona State Sen. Sylvia Allen wants
Moral rebirth is what Arizona State Sen. Sylvia Allen wants

Arizona State Sen. Sylvia Allen, a Mormon from Snowflake, wants to require you to attend church every Sunday to bring about a “moral rebirth,” whatever that is.  She thinks it would be good for the country, and seems wistful that such a law “would not be allowed.”

This is another one I missed, or I would’ve posted it immediately.

She brought up the subject during a committee meeting in late March, when lawmakers were debating a gun control bill concerning concealed weapons permits. She said, “I believe what’s happening to our country is that there’s a moral erosion of the soul of America.”

“It’s the soul that is corrupt,” she continued, as if a nation’s soul were a tangible thing that could be corrupted. Maybe it’s  Mormon thing; I dunno. “How we get back to a moral rebirth I don’t know. Since we are slowly eroding religion at every opportunity that we have. Probably we should be debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebirth.” Good luck with that, Senator!

Without a “moral rebirth” in the country, she said, more people may feel the need to carry a weapon. I don’t know about that. She may be right, since Christianity is mostly a peaceful religion now. Mostly, I repeat. Now, I repeat. It hasn’t always been so. Remember the Crusades? Remember the Inquisition?

Maybe going to church regularly would make people feel safe. Maybe they’d even have a moral rebirth. But I doubt it. I know a Baptist preacher who carries a loaded gun in his pants pocket. He attends church more than almost anybody, but he doesn’t seem to feel safe. He’d tell you that he’s been reborn, too; but he’d probably say it was not the kind of moral rebirth this woman is talking about.

This legislator doesn’t seem to understand there is a reason why church and state are separate in the United States. A very important reason. Our forefathers experienced the oppression of state-sponsored religion in Europe. Remember the Mayflower? They designed our Constitution to make sure such a thing could never happen here.

We must elect representatives who will uphold the Constitution of the United States, as they swear to do. Not lawmakers who want to compel you and me to conform to their religion.

Resource: http://www.kpho.com/story/28620533/az-senator-church-attendance-should-be-mandatory#ixzz3ZjCaCCNM

Pregnant Women Should be Forced to Carry Deformed Fetuses

The state must force pregnant women to try to carry deformed, deceased, or non-viable fetus as long as they can.

Texas State Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler) wants the state to force you to carry your sick, suffering, deformed, or non-viable fetuses to term, regardless of your own choice.
Texas State Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler) wants the state to force you to carry your sick, suffering, deformed, or non-viable fetuses to term, regardless of your own choice.

Last week, a grown man stood on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives and argued that the state must force pregnant Texans to try to carry dying, deceased, or non-viable fetuses as long as they can. Anything less, said state Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler), wouldn’t be “pro-life.”

These fetuses “are going to suffer, they’re going to feel pain,” just as adults with terminal illnesses do, said Schaefer, a freshman Tea Party politician from East Texas. “That’s part of the human condition, when sin entered the world, and it grieves us all.”

by Andrea Grimes, Senior Political Reporter,
RH Reality Check, April 28, 2015

“When sin entered the world.” There’s the clue.  Sin supposedly entered the world when Adam ate that silly fruit so long ago, so now somebody’s gotta suffer. And if you happen to be pregnant, it’s gonna be you. And if you just happen to be carrying a defective fetus,  it’s gonna suffer, too. Shaefer said so.

Well, it was last month now. I didn’t see it until this morning, or I would have posted this sooner.

You think religion is good for people? Everybody ought to have faith in something? It gives you a warm feeling to see a church on every corner? You’re glad we have such a “man of God” in the legislature?

Well I disagree.

This is just one more example (as if another example were needed) of the evil brought about by an ancient set of superstitions. This man doesn’t care that you suffer. He doesn’t care that your innocent but defective or dying fetus suffers. He wants your fetus to experience life to its fullest, even if that life is only a couple of months of suffering in its mother’s womb, and even if it will never ever think a thought or smile a smile or enjoy anything at all or probably even see the light of day. That blind, mindless suffering may be the only life it will ever experience!

He wants to force you to carry your deformed, suffering fetus as long as possible.

He wants you, a pregnant woman, to carry your dying fetus (if such it be) as long as possible. If you refuse, he wants the state to force you. Why?  Because “That’s part of the human condition, when sin entered the world, and it grieves us all.” It doesn’t matter that “your fetuses are going to suffer, they’re going to feel pain, just as adults with terminal illnesses do.” No, let your fetus enjoy hurting as long as it can.

This arrogant man might obtain a small amount of credibility if he were to give birth to a nice pair of twins. But, even then, just a little credibility. Not enough.

East Texas tend to do a lot of hunting. If Rep. Shaefer were on a hunting trip way out in the back country somewhere and he had an attack of acute appendicitis, I wonder if he would consent to emergency surgery with a hunting knife and no and anaesthetic. After all, isn’t pain just “part of the human condition?” Maybe the state should force him.

This is Rep. Shaefers religion. No doubt he thinks it comes from the Bible, even though the Bible actually says almost nothing about abortion. Certainly, not all Christians agree with him; but there are important lessons for us here.

It’s important for us all understand and remember that neither Texas nor the United States has ever been a nation under God. NEVER! For about 228 years we have been one nation under the Constitution of the United States of America. We are subject to the Constitution because our elected representatives agreed to it. We are not, never have been, and must never be ruled by somebody’s interpretation of an old book written by at least 40 different people in two or three ancient languages and translated and retranslated and edited and censored, over and over again, until finally King James of England decided to create an English version of it.

Many of our ancestors came here from Europe to escape from religious laws. Remember the Mayflower? These were mostly religious people, but they came to what is now the United States to get away from the horrible religious legal system in Europe. Because of their experiences, they created a Constitution for us that doesn’t even mention God or religion except to forbid the government from creating an established religion.

Disclaimer: Shaefer himself said dying fetuses will suffer. This is only true if they’re allowed to live too long in the womb. For the first four or five months–maybe even longer–it’s almost certain a fetus cannot feel any pain. Its brain and nervous system simply aren’t developed enough. Abortions, when possible, should always be long before that; but sometimes the condition of the fetus is not known that soon. To carry a defective or non-viable fetus to term–or not–must always be the pregnant woman’s decision.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! The United States of America is NOT and never has been a Christian nation. It was NOT founded on Christian principles. It WAS founded on humanitarian principles of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” How can a sick, deformed, dying fetus pursue happiness? Men and women like Rep. Shaefer, who want to rule over you and me according to their own silly superstitions, must be voted out of office. They MUST be replaced with representatives who will uphold the Constitutions of their State and the United States of America, as they have sworn to do.

Source: http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2015/04/28/texas-tea-partier-says-grieving-pregnant/